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This site is sponsored by the attorneys of O’Donnell Clark & Crew in Portland, Oregon, who have advised many people in the matters of childhood sexual abuse, including cases against the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, and other churches, youth organizations, and a wide variety of other “institutions of trust.”

Our firm was instrumental in getting the Boy Scouts of America to open their "Perversion Files."   Read the files here.

We know that many child sex abuse survivors must work through incredibly complex emotions of confusion, anger, shame, and depression as they take back their emotional and spiritual power from the perpetrators who abused them and the institutions that sponsored these trust relationships. We know that this process often takes a long time. We also know that, for many survivors of sex abuse, it is a huge step even to admit to themselves, let alone to others, that such unspeakable crimes were committed against them. Sometimes the process of disclosure itself can take years, even decades.

Of course, legal claims and lawsuits are not for everyone, but for some sex abuse survivors, holding the abusers and institutions accountable legally is an important piece of their healing. We want to help sex abuse survivors in any way possible–including discussing your legal options with you. Whether you ultimately decide to pursue justice or not, you should know what your rights are.

For those considering bringing a claim against the Boy Scouts, there can also be an added sense of guilt about bringing legal action against an organization that many view in a positive light, one that no doubt has helped many boys, and, indeed, an organization that stresses “loyalty” as one of its core values. To some survivors, when they first begin to contemplate their options, it almost feels “unpatriotic” to consider such a step. Be assured you are not alone in these feelings. Part of the decision in bringing a legal claim is understanding what the goals are– is it monetary restitution? Is it helping to change the institution for the better? Is it to secure counseling or other mental health help? These are all questions we understand and are equipped to help you work through.


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